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Every year (after married that is)..there is one particular cookie that never missed a spot in my raya cookies list.hehehe..(speakin' English Ya). I fell in love with this cookie from the first time I made it. It's simple yet delicious. The recipe originated from the celebrity chef of Malaysia (whom is also my idol) chef Wan..hehe kiut kan dia ni...

A mug of tea is a must have too...

This recipes collection of chef Wan's was introduced by a good friend of mine, Salmah Hj Busu. I think, I bought this book 3-4 years back. Kalau orang mo pinjam pun saya tidak bagi ooo ( lokek heheh) but they still can take the recipe inside by copying lah...simply because..this book is a 'LIMITED EDITION'. You can see the book condition is still quite new...(mo kestau pandai jaga lah ni huhh).

Nah..ini dia Biskut Coklat Chip Chef Wan.

My kids love this cookie...kalau masuk jak Ramadhan mesti request suruh buat ni biskut. Like i said earlier, its a simple, easy to do cookie. It a spoon drop method. Masak pun cepat jugak, jimat masa dan tenaga..hehehe. Dari segi kos tu ..alah sekali dalam setahun.

Mmmm...maulah macam Famos Amos..tapi bukan.

Biskut ini sangat sedap jika dihidang dengan teh panas semasa minum petang. Tapi kalau aku tu. sarapan boleh, minum pagi jam 10 boleh hahahaha..simply addicted to it lah...hehehe.kalau ikut resepi memang ndak banyak bahan tapi, I like to make experiment with it so I add few other ingredients to make it more Ummphh! I put in some oats and milk powder, or maybe if you want you can add any kind of nuts, nestum, cornflakes, white choc chip..just be creative. These ingredients will add more crunchiness to the cookies. So here is the recipe. Happy trying.

240 gm butter
300 gm flour
180 gm brown sugar ( I only put 150)
2    nose eggs
1ts Soda bicarb
150 gm walnut ( I subs' it with almond..more cheaper bah..hehe)
120 gm choc chips
vanilla essence.

Methods tu you all knowlah kan..same jugak macam buat biskut lain. Jangan risau, since its a spoon drop method, adunan memang lecak sikit heheh..lembut..but if you want to add more flour ok bah...guna sudu kecil dan sudukan atas dulang..pastu hiaslah ngan choc chips....Selamat Mencuba.

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